Pop Warner football has been around since the inception of the league in 1929 by founder Joseph J. Tomlin as a four-team conference in Northeast Philadelphia. Since then, participation has steadily increased to today’s record numbers. Over 250,000 youths participated in Pop Warner-sanctioned football programs in 2008, and those numbers continue to grow.

Northern Indiana Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc. (NIPWLS) is part of the Mid-America Region. This is one of eight regions located throughout the United States. The Mid-America Region had over 700 tackle football teams during the 2008 season, of which 189 where from the Northern Indiana Pop Warner league.

Safety First

Kids compete with kids of similar age and size. Pop Warner is the only youth football program (local, regional, and national) that sets and enforces a strict age and weight matrix that reduces the risk and reality of injuries. Did you know that Pop Warner football is safer than soccer? Pop Warner football has 12% fewer injuries per capita among 5-15 year olds than organized soccer in the same age range (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, NEISS).

Age & Weight Matrix

2015 Age Weight Matrix

Click on photo or link above to read the age/weight matrix.

2015 Age Weight Matrix


Division Weight Ages
Tiny Mite 35-75 lbs.(no older/lighter) 5 & 6 year olds
Jr. Mitey Mite 50-100 lbs.(no older/lighter) 7 & 8 year olds
Mitey Mite 50-100 lbs.(no older/lighter) 9 year olds
Jr. Pee Wee 65-115 lbs.
65-95 lbs. (older/lighter)
8, 9, 10 year olds
11 year olds
Pee Wee 80-130 lbs.
80-110 lbs.(older/lighter)
9, 10, 11 year olds
12 year olds

KVPW is wanting to put together JR. MIDGET, MIDGET and maybe even a UNLIMITED TEAM. KVPW has never had these teams due to 7th grade and 8th grade football. You do not have to play school ball. If you are wanting to stay with Pop Warner, we are willing to start any of these teams.

JR. MIDGET          95-155 lbs  /  95-135 lbs (older lighter)         10,11 & 12 /13 year olds

MIDGET                110-180 lbs / 110-160 lbs (older lighter)         11,12,12 & 14 /15 year olds

UNLIMITED         105+ lbs (no older lighter)                                 11,12,13 & 14 year olds

If you are wanting to keep playing KV Pop Warner, you need to contact any of our board members about it. We will be happy to take your information and do our best to start the 2014 football season with any of these older teams.

This age & weight matrix reflects changes approved by Northern Indiana Pop Warner Little Scholars and the National Pop Warner office. See National Rule Book and/or Age & Weight Matrix for inclusive birth dates to confirm the age of the participant.

Why There Are No Personal Statistics

Pop Warner exists to use football, cheerleading, dance and a respect for education to develop strong, smart, responsible, healthy young men and women. We give them experiences that build their appreciation for and understanding of leadership, teamwork, and discipline.

While individual statistics may be more common, particularly among older football players, Pop Warner only recognizes the athletic accomplishments of the team, not the individual. We don’t track personal tallies of touchdowns or yards rushing per game. We don’t count sacks and blocked kicks. We applaud the athletic efforts of the team to reinforce the importance of teamwork with each member.

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